Roman Verona

A stroll through 2,000 years of history including Roman houses, mosaics, theatres and the magnificent Arena.

From the remains of Roman roads in the Scaligeri excavations, right in front of Lords of Verona, continue left until you reach the Adige River. There you will find Ponte Pietra, the first construction built by the Romans when they arrived in Verona. On the far bank of the river, you can admire the remains of the Roman Theatre, where concerts and shows continue to be staged during the summer months. It is on Verona’s archaeological museum itinerary.

Turning back, and passing through Piazza dei Signori again, continue a little further up to Piazza delle Erbe, the former forum, the centre of every Roman city’s political and economic life.  It has been the centre of Verona for more than two thousand years.

Taking via Mazzini, the shopping street which starts from Piazza delle Erbe, stop at the Benetton and Kos shops and go down to the men’s department in the basement. Amidst the clothes, there are the remains of some Roman mosaics of patrician houses.

Back on the road, continue along Via Mazzini to Piazza Bra where the Arena, the Roman amphitheatre, is located.  It was once used for gladiator fights and it is one of the most important open-air opera houses in the world today.
Turning right, you reach Porta Borsari, the two-thousand-year-old monumental gateway to Verona, still incredibly well preserved. From there you can return to Piazza dei Signori and complete your tour of Roman Verona.